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C9+ Heavy Fuel Oil

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It is called "eavy Ends"as well. Cpi is importing C9+ from the Middle East and suppling the very economical prices to customers. C9+ is being get a by-products from manufacturing petrochemical products. C9+ is a general product name containing 9 to 18 of C and is very fine as a boiler fuel because it has low flash point and high density.

Physical Property

Test items C9+ Boiler Kerosine
Pour point(C) less than 45 C -15C
Flash Point(PM, C) 50 40
Kinematic Viscosity (40C,mm2/s) 1.913
Distillation(90%, C) 211.3 285-325
Sulfer(wt%) 0.031 below 0.1
Ash(wt%) 0.004 0.001
Cetane Index 4.6 4.8
Density (15C,kg/m2) 968.6 825
Gross heat value(J/g) 43,320 43,320

Manufacturing Procesure